Technology screening

Identify the most adequate technology for a specific wind farm.
EPC contractors and investors in wind technology will get critical information to take techno-economical decisions.

A single procedure to assess all the candidates

The site

Although in a screening task, the quality of the site information may not seem important, due to the diversity of the concepts under analysis (semisubmersible, TLPs, etc.; monopiles, jackets) and their characteristics (highly flexible, for example) it may affect the key indicators that will serve to evaluate the technology performance and cost.

    • An approved Design Basis is a common starting point.
    • In early stages of a wind project, eureka! can provide public information collected in our databases and develop the project Design Basis.
    • Adaptation and analysis of information to determine the site-specific parameters in accordance with standards.
Metocean data analysis and ready-to-use eureka! sites database

Rotor-nacelle-assembly and controller

Usually, at the beginning of a wind energy project where a technology screening study is performed, the reduced information of the wind turbine RNA and controller slow down the technical advance of a project. When this happens, and difficulties that may cause delay appear, we offer you two alternative solutions to support the correct development of a project.

    • Select a public RNA and controller set from eureka!'s ready-to-use models
    • Develop a RNA and a baseline controller set that mimic the commercial (objective) set

Support structure

Our task is to receive the information from the candidate technologies that would populate the wind farm, and to develop the CAE and numerical models to characterise and perform the techno-economical assessment of each technology.

In order to to speed up the process, we have built a database of parametrised CAE models of the publicly available support structures. Because we are curious, we have also studied them! Easy to scale, update and re-analyse.

We also offer support to developers that may find difficulties in the adaptation of their technology during the project.

Technology-specific requirements, suited to international standards

Key Indicators

Technologies are evaluated to obtain the same Key Indicators (KIs) under the same scenario and the closest simulation setups. KIs consider cost estimation and static and dynamic performance parameters. Client-specified KIs can also be introduced.

A conscientiously selected set of Key Indicators is very relevant, generally, all technologies present benefits and drawbacks. It is important to identify both.

Receive the techno-economical report that will help you on the decision-taking.
Select the most adequate technology for each site!

Invest in certainty

We are ready!