Technical consultancy

We can give you specialised technical consultancy in topics not covered in our services.

eureka!, complementing your wind energy department

A product from scratch...

Considering the great estimations of development for wind energy in the coming decades and our know-how in wind energy converters design, we can design onshore, offshore fixed and floating concepts from scratch according to international standards. Companies that want to develop a floating system, for example, can now benefit from our innovation. We also study the patentability of the concepts to avoid Intellectual Property (IP) conflicts.

From sketch to certification in a short time.

Design and surveillance of experimental test campaigns

Consolidated experience on designing experimental campaigns in wind tunnels and waves tanks.

The surveillance of the experiments plays an important role in the usability of the results recorded, while ensures the execution of the tests fulfilling campaign requirements.

Data analysis

In these days, nobody can deny the power of data. During a wind energy project and the exploitation of a wind farm, the great amount of data that is generated. Too much, we would have said a pair a decade ago.

Consultancy in data analysis covers from sensoring of a system, to data acquisition setup and the analysis of the sensors outcomes.

Some of your GBs of data could store undetected correlations and solve some of your problems.
Obtain their added value.

Company expansion towards wind energy

Start-ups and big companies that expand their business to this promising and beautiful field of wind energy, can find a great support to configure a department and a plan to achieve objectives. Our global view of technology, industry challenges and wind market trends will be of great support on this complex task. Contact experts to build a solid foundation.

Strengthen weak points, expand quicker!

eureka!, your technical partner

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