eureka!, who are we?

eureka! - Applied Research for Technology Innovators is a company based in Bilbao, Spain. We are dedicated to wind energy research and consultancy. Covering from component and system design to the configuration of a wind farm.
Having previously dedicated to onshore and offshore wind energy research and development of industry projects during more than ten years in Research Institutions, our team, is highly qualified to implement state-of-the art analysis techniques and product design procedures efficiently.
We are passionate people about innovation in dynamic systems, multiphysics analyses and nonlinear problems. We love designing, and delivering highest quality work and solutions is our daily objective.

Compromised with industry and applied R&D!


Innovate in renewable energy technologies for a clean-energy world.


Develop innovative solutions applying latest scientific research to support renewable energy industry and developers, so together, we can overcome the complex challenges that energy transition introduces.

Since april 2021, these are our numbers...

5 projects finalised


2 scientific publications


2 grants from regional government



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