Multi-fidelity simulation

We offer a wide spectrum of modelling approaches to solve the physics behind the complex multiphysics problems of wind turbines and farms. We cover all the fields involved in onshore and offshore wind.

Keeping numerical models as simpler as they can correctly answers our clients questions is a good practice. However, simpler models respond to more hypotheses and present a narrower application range. Highest-fidelity models are adequate for calibration of lower ones and detailed analyses, but consume more time. Knowing the uncertainty of the results delivered from the models is important in order to apply correct security factors.

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System dynamics and structural modelling

  • Multibody considering lumped, rigid and flexible elements
  • Elastic and elasto-plastic behaviour of materials
  • From simplest models to 3D solid models based on FEM
  • Load tranfer between aero and hydro meshes to structural


  • Simplest models interpolate from 2D or 3D surfaces
  • Quasistatic and dynamic BEM models
  • Detailed aerodynamics for HAWTs and VAWTs
  • Calculation of wakes and velocity deficit
  • All of them can communicate with the elastic model


Learn about our constinuous investigations on aerodynamics, here.


  • Strip theory and Morison equation
  • Potential flow solution based Boundary Elements Method
  • Hybrid models that combine the best of previous models
  • CFD based solutions to calibrate lower-oder ones and perform detailed analyses
  • Coupling with structural dynamics to determine hydro-elastics
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