Integrated Load Analysis

An important step in the design process of a wind turbine and its components.

Integrated Load Analysis (ILA) affects significantly the quality of later detailed analyses of system components and thus, we work with appropriate tools and numerical models to ensure quality and compliance with the requirements of international standards. eureka! implements processes to reduce DLCs number adapted to your system characteristics.

Specialists in coupled analysis

Simulations setup

  • According to IEC, DNV-GL, BV or specified standard
  • Fully coupled simulations
  • Sensitivity analyses to setup ILA correctly
  • Efficient use of computational resources


  • Servicebility, Ultimate, Accidental and Fatigue Limit States
  • Identification of Design-Driving Load Cases (DDLCs)
  • Markov matrices & time series for components design
  • Lifetime of the wind energy converter


Offshore fixed

Floating offshore

The starting point...

Site conditions
      • Definition of site conditions or
      • select from eureka! database
Wind turbine system
      • Definition of the wind turbine system to perform coupled simulations or
      • provide the support structure and select a RNA and controller set from eureka! database.
      • Ad-hoc RNA and controller models can also be built.
      • Choose the Classsification Society

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