Multi-fidelity simulations

Multi-fidelity simulation We offer a wide spectrum of modelling approaches to solve the physics behind the complex multiphysics problems of wind turbines and farms. We cover all the fields involved in onshore and offshore wind. Keeping numerical models as simpler as they can correctly answers our clients questions is a Leer más


Technical consultancy We can give you specialised technical consultancy in topics not covered in our services. eureka!, complementing your wind energy department A product from scratch… Considering the great estimations of development for wind energy in the coming decades and our know-how in wind energy converters design, we can design Leer más


eureka!, who are we? eureka! – Applied Research for Technology Innovators is a company based in Bilbao, Spain. We are dedicated to wind energy research and consultancy. Covering from component and system design to the configuration of a wind farm. Having previously dedicated to onshore and offshore wind energy research Leer más


eureka! –  Applied Research for Tecnology Innovators Errigoiti, (Bilbao) Spain 48309 +34 946 78 20 10


Applying research to develop wind industry eureka! supports companies that develop and control onshore, offshore fixed and floating wind technologies and wind farms. Experts in the design and analysis of wind turbines and theirs components. eureka! is… innovation.   To develop wind industry means, to transform our planet into a Leer más

Integrated Loads Analysis

Integrated Load Analysis An important step in the design process of a wind turbine and its components. Integrated Load Analysis (ILA) affects significantly the quality of later detailed analyses of system components and thus, we work with appropriate tools and numerical models to ensure quality and compliance with the requirements Leer más


Research, the engine of evolution Our company was born to apply latest research to industry projects and continues to expand its known-how, developping new methodologies and adapting state-of-the-art techniques to our services. Compromised to identify and to research about the topics that can benefit our clients. eureka!, a bridge between Leer más

Inverse Engineering

Inverse engineering Initial design stages of support structures for wind turbines are characterised by the reduced information of the RNA and the controller available. This circumstance obstructs the optimisation of earliest system designs considering an holistic approach. However, inverse engineering techniques allow the development of wind turbine models that mimic Leer más

Technology Screening

Technology screening Identify the most adequate technology for a specific wind farm. EPC contractors and investors in wind technology will get critical information to take techno-economical decisions. A single procedure to assess all the candidates The site Although in a screening task, the quality of the site information may not Leer más

Design Optimisation

Parametric design and optimisation of wind turbines The design procedure of wind turbines requires a techno-economical assessment of each of the candidate designs produced along the iterations of the optimisation loops. The scope of this analysis depends on the design stage of the product and on the technology (onshore, offshore Leer más